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Tern Tool Zestaw Kluczy Scyzoryk

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Cena: 220,00 zł 220.00
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The Tern Tool ensures you stay on your bike, and don’t get stuck roadside. Specially designed for Tern bikes, the multi-tool boasts 19 must-have tools, including a 15 mm wrench for tightening axle nuts and pedals and a 6 mm wrench for adjusting Tern joint levers. The included neoprene cover can be slipped onto the body handle of the multi-tool for a more comfortable grip. The multi-tool folds into a flat, compact size. With the integrated strap, it stores discreetly and securely under your bike saddle.

19 integrated tools
Patented StuckNut™ design securely locks wrenches in place
Neoprene cover can be slipped onto the body handle for a more comfortable grip.
Integrated strap for convenient stowage below the saddle
Includes tire patch kit
Dimensions: 86 mm x 51 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 181 g

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